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Jamu offers complete website design solutions. Our Outsourcing services includes graphic design outsourcing, custom web design and programming, e-commerce, wordpress blogs and Joomla websites. Jamu is a distinctive website design and development company offering an array of services from basic Website Design to comprehensive Social Media web site Portals. Jamu has produced and launched dozens of successful websites since our commencement, for many diverse types of businesses. We did website design for leading real estate companies, coaching companies, online services, web social services, and small businesses. Our Specialist web designers have the ingenious flair to give you best style and superior quality design output.

Jamu is a specialized outsourcing company based in the Atlanta, Georgia area. We started in 2009 from our sister company and have grown substantially. Businesses big and small outsource their website development work to us so as to benefit from the outsourcing phenomena.

We offer Design and Development, Website Maintenance, Online Store Development, Corporate Website Design Development of Database Driven Website, Website Monitoring, & E-commerce Website Development. We design simple yet graphic rich sites which can make the sales register go skywards. We work in most modern web languages and technologies, we have a experienced programmers in: PHP, Perl, Python, ColdFusion, Ruby, .NET, Java, and Javascript.

Outsourcing is the hiring of an outside agency to take over a job or project. You could decide to outsource for a number of reasons; to restructure how your business functions, to improve overall efficiency, to free up business resources so as to increase productivity and output etc. But the underlying reason is always to make your business more cost-effective. Contact us now.

Outsourcing, an important tool at all times, gains further importance when a business is going through lean times e.g., when the business is just starting or during downturns, both in the business and in the overall economy. During times of economic uncertainty, outsourcing enables a business to be flexible in functioning something which would not be possible if all tasks were handled within the business. Outsourcing doesn't only save money but also time; it allows managers to concentrate on their key responsibilities. Outsourcing work to specialists allows a business to get more value for the money it spends without having to allocate resources to maintain them within the organization.

Outsourcing differs from standard employment even from the hiring of temporary workers in an important way. If your company wishes to outsource certain projects like website designing, website development, website management, website redesigning, PHP or Perl website programming, .NET or Java programming, ColdFusion or Ruby web programming, Joomla implementations, Wordpress blog integration then you have searched the right Outsourcing Website.

Cost Comparison : Full-Time Employee vs Jamu Outsourcing

It is quite easy to save your bottom line by hiring Jamu Outsourcing because there will be no other extra fees such as staff welfare and taxes compared with a full-time employee. In addition, Jamu's talents are on-demand and you can add, modify, cancel, or suspend any service at any time based on your business demand. See our dedicated developer page and custom solutions page for pricing details.

Cost In House Full-Time Employee Jamu Full-Time Developer
Base salary $100,000/yr $4,500/Month
Benefits (~15% of salary) $15,000 $0
Vacation, holiday, sick leave, lunch time, other
unproductive time (~13%)
$13,000 $0
Payroll taxes (~12%) $12,000 $0
Administration costs (~7%: recruiting, training,
records, severance pay)
$7,000 $0
Equipment, maintenance, supplies used by
$3,600 $0
Space and Equipment for in-house employee $2,100 $0
Total Annual Cost $152,700 54,000

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